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How does it work?

What's your health goal?

Depending on your objectives and needs, we'll work together on a nutritional program that suits you.

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Did you know that collaborating with a nutritional counsellor markedly advances the chances of reaching your health goals?

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Nutritional consultations

  • Dietary and lifestyle counseling by a Certified Holistic Nutritionist
  • Personalized nutritional plan, based on your needs and health goals
  • Professional support and follow-up


Holistic approach

  • Natural strategic plan for a healthy diet
  • Considers the individual as a whole, including all aspects of your lifestyle
  • Empathy, respect, confidentiality



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One-on-one video consultation, in the privacy and convenience of your home or office

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Josephine Beck, Nutritional Counsellor

I'm a certified holistic nutritionist, specializing in digestive and skin health. I'm originally from France.

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"During my first consultation, Josephine provided the knowledge I needed to manage osteoporosis. Her help is professional, supportive, and reassuring. She listened to my needs, and her recommendations are realistic and easy to set up in my life. I'm so glad I've started nutritional counselling. Such a great discovery. Thanks, Josephine." Chantale T.